Spa treatments

Treatments and cosmetics of Spa of Levico

The immersion in Levico thermal water is effective in the treatment of several osteoarticular and dermatological pathologies, for hyperthyroidism and in some anemia. It can also reduce the subjective anxiety.

Our mud are applied on joints affected by chronic degenerative processes of the musculoskeletal apparatus. They have a benefic anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant effects with decreased pain and improved functional capacity.

The inhalations with the arsenical ferruginous water increase the defenses of the immunity system of the first respiratory tract with a decongestion and anti inflammatory effect. They are indicated in the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.

Especially recommended in chronic affections of the female genitals, for their anti inflammatory and anti bacterial action, they act restoring the environmental balance of the vulvo vaginal mucosa.

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